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Managed Services
Diebold’s Managed Services is a partnership approach that leverages global best practices, economies of scale, accumulated vendor experience and knowledge to deliver continuous improvements, operational efficiency and cost reduction for our customers. In practice, Managed Service reduces the burden of the day-to-day infrastructure management, allowing both IT and financial executives to focus on strategic business issues. With hundreds of skilled services professionals deployed all across the country, Diebold brings a strong SLA based delivery capability for enterprise customers.
The facility in Mumbai is an extension of our global best practices based capability. This is equipped with state-of-art technologies for remote monitoring of your ATMs (events, cash and consumables, etc.), content delivery, security services, currency management, electronic journal upload, transaction processing, etc. with a team of highly trained specialists - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Diebold’s Managed Services offerings help customers:
Minimize total cost of ownership associated with managing and/or performing non-core     business processes.
Leverage Diebold expertise in managing and providing services over the total life cycle.
Promote business solutions incorporating increased terminal availability and functionality.
Realize productivity enhancements by automating information.
Utilize the intelligence of Diebold products to capture and move information through back-end     hosting systems.
Create interactive systems that can promote expanded consumer transactions

Managed Service Offerings
Diebold’s Managed Services include the following outsourcing solutions:

1. Diebold Event Management Services (EMS)

2. Content Management Service (CMS)

3. CRM at the ATM

4. Cash Management & Optimization Services

5. Network Management

6. Site Facilities Management

7. Cash Replenishment and CIT Management