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Diebold introduced a cash-dispensing automated teller machine concept to the United States in 1966.

By contrast, many of today's ATMs are multifunction devices that perform a variety of tasks, some quite advanced. Diebold makes them all - from simple to complex. And Diebold makes more of them than most other manufacturers.

What exactly does "self service" mean? It's technology that empowers people worldwide to access services when, where and how they may choose. One popular example is the automated teller machine, or ATM.
Our self-service solutions include:

Diebold 450

Opteva 328

Opteva 720

Diebold D429
Branch Transformation Solutions
How do you transform relationships?
The more time your people spend developing stronger relationships with consumers, the more profitable your organization will be. That’s the whole idea behind branch transformation. Fortunately, Diebold can help you no matter where you are in the process. know more

Teller Cash Dispenser

Remote Teller System

Transaction Kiosk