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Who We Are
Diebold India is 100% subsidiary of Diebold Inc., employing 2,000+ people and covering 220+ locations across the country. Diebold India provides services to 60,000+ ATMs through its maintenance teams and managed services, develops software for the global product portfolio, delivers managed services to local and international customers and provides business support to Diebold worldwide.

Among its many firsts in India:

1. Installed the first ATM Machine to India in 1988
2. Installed the first ATM for the visually challenged, with voice guidance services.
3. Set up the first mobile ATM for a leading public sector bank.
4. Installed the first solar-powered ATM.
5. Tested and installed the first ATM to run on wireless technology.

Diebold has manufacturing facilities in Goa, global software development center in Mumbai, managed services center in Thane and Hyderabad, and business support in Hyderabad.

Website: www.diebold.com

Website: www.dieboldindia.com