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Diebold Systems Private Limited is 100% subsidiary of Diebold Incorporated., having its Corporate Office in Mumbai, India, with an infrastructure supporting more than 220 locations across the country. It has over 15 years of relationship with the Indian Banking industry with a Customer base comprising Public, Private, Multi-national and Co–op banks.

Diebold continues to retain its position as a pioneer in the industry for card-based, self-service transaction systems, security products, managed services solutions and comprehensive ATM solutions management.
It has created a revolution with ATMs in India since 1988 with the following turning points to its credit:

Brought the first ATM Machine to India in 1988.

Installed the first ATM for the visually challenged,     with voice guidance services.

Set up the first mobile ATM for a leading public sector     bank.

Installed the first solar-powered ATM.

Tested and installed the first ATM to run on wireless     technology.